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Tagged by pressure-point-johnlock for this thing (I am so not good at these but I will try!)

Fave tropes:

• Slow build/so much sexual tension it makes you want to scream :)

• Awkward first kisses/first time. For any paring I just love awkwardness at the start

• Power bottoms (◕‿◕✿) Especially power bottom Jim…

• Fake relationships and they end up getting together! So cliché and cheesy and I love it

• Tragic back stories then comfort. Oh I am a sucker for background angst

• Sudden realisations of feelings. Like BAM I want the ass. 

Nope tropes:

• Non con I mean some times it works into a story but really it’s primarily a huge no no. 

• Major Character death. Like don’t even get me started, I just can’t deal with it I’m an emotional wreck

• Arguments and not getting together because of miscommunication. Like really if the people in the pairing would just talk none of that would have happened!!

• Majorly OOC a little ooc-ness is fine but too much is just not my cup of tea

• Certain character bashing. Like when people bash my poor bby Molly <3

I’m tagging; honeywhereismycrown , professorjimstiger , sebastianwhorean , agentbartons 

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Hey, I’ve been tagged in the fave/nope tropes thing by don-gately so here I am. ∩ (❁⊙ㅅ ⊙❁)

Fave tropes:

• Sherlock and John together for a case, for mummy.

• Sherlock exploring his sexual desires and orientation, asking John for help and realize he wants to fuck him hard.


• both pining for each other and slowly can’t help by say things or brush a bit each other’s body.

• Mycroft explored a bit more (god I love him)

• Lestrade teasing John about Sherlock

Nope tropes:

• Sherlock or John cheats on the other

• One of them was raped / One of them dies

• John has to go back to war

• Too much angst (I read a lot of angsty ones and I need fluff tbh these days)

• I don’t have a lot of nope tropes as long as it’s well written and not too angsty. (ಠ .̫.̫ ಠ)

I tag…… *drum roll* magnificentwatson crimson-winter detectiveloser leicesterblues cumberlove4ever startingwiththeridingcrop onthelosingside gayduced

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