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Okay. So this is an extract from the briliant TSoT transcript by Ariane Devere with some of my notes added and text of particular interest both highlighted in bold.

I can’t help but wonder if this section of TSoT isn’t a crucial bit of the puzzle for what’s coming beyond HLV. It’s filled with signposts. And it comes about because for all the talk of mirroring - esp in a Johnlock sense - in TSoT, the one that’s had the least attention (from what i’ve read; i may have missed a meta somewhere that addresses this) is that the Mayfly Man is perhaps a mirror, not for John, but for Mary. Much of this then lands in broadly speaking the same territory as loudest-subtext-in-television's far more extensive M-theory on TSoT. But for me this is a shorter route - a different path on the way to the same ultimate end. It's just a different angle from which to play the same game.

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Anonymous said : Something I can't stop thinking of: John and Sherlock being captured by Mary (Moran) and Moriarty, and Moriarty is like: "John doesn't know does he?" And then Moran totally reveals all of Sherlock's torture wounds and starts opening each of them up in front of John and I just... 


no what thE FUCK


My entire characterization of John Watson in-a-relationship-with-Sherlock-Holmes and how he would look at Sherlock and act in that relationship can just be summarized by:


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