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crush the idea that john watson is straight with an exception

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Been mulling this around for a few months and now that I’ve rewatched S3 an unhealthy number of times and had time to think it over, here is why I think Mary’s thumb drive was empty:

  • Mary had to have the drive on her person at Leinster Gdns as they went directly to Baker St.  So why did she have it on her if she just planned to threaten (and possibly kill for good) Sherlock?
  • If she brought the flash drive as some sort of peace offering or bribe for Sherlock, why only pull it out at Baker Street and then give it to John whom she did not expect to see that evening?
  • It makes zero sense to carry around the drive.  Or for it to even exist at all if you stop to think about it.  Why would anyone in hiding from their past, witness protection or former assassin, carry around a drive with their past on it?
  • The whole empty treasure box from canon thing is most likely significant.  It wouldn’t be the first ACD nod magpie’d in by Mofftiss.
  • It makes more sense that John burned it and said “no, I didn’t look at it” if the drive were empty.  He was calling her bluff.  
  • It also explains why they confronted Magnussen and asked for Mary’s files, repeatedly. If the information had been on the drive, there would be no reason to confront Magnussen the way they did.
  • I believe any information Sherlock DID manage to scrape together was through Mycroft and his CIA connections. But there are holes, and until all intel is collected, they do not want to act.  Sherlock does not like acting without all data collected, particularly in a case this sensitive and dangerous.
  • I honestly believe John and Sherlock (and most likely Mycroft) are playing a long game and lying to Mary until they get more information.  For all they know, she is part of Moriarty’s network or may just be part of a bigger problem.  They are playing it smart.
wolflioness said : John kisses the sea salt off Sherlock's skin and massages every scar on Sherlock's body he can find and secretly thinks that Sherlock's freckles are the most adorable thing he's ever seen. He positively worships Sherlock's shoulders and arms and cheeks, and then sets on the quest to find whether there are any more parts of Sherlock's anatomy that are freckled too. 




"this is my favorite character i love him so much i want to see him distressed and in emotional pain (⊙ω⊙✿)”

*character undergoes distress and emotional pain* nO I TAKE IT BACK BABY PLEASE

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i mean usually men who are in a platonic friendship with another man are really happy for their friend when they get married and don’t longingly stare at their chairs or obsessively fold napkins or y’know, leave the wedding early and start doing drugs


elana elana


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hot delivery guy!john delivering a dildo to 221B instead of mrs turner’s married ones and when sherlock realizes what’s in it john makes eye contact and says ‘I could show you how to use it if you want’ and sherlock blinks for a whole minute before being able to whisper yes

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You know what will break your heart?

Realizing that if John had had any idea that Sherlock was still alive, he would have waited for him. 

One word, Sherlock. One word, that’s all I would have needed.

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